Signs That Your Pool Heater Needs Professional Repair

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Even in Texas's warm climate, a pool heater plays a vital role in maintaining the comfort and usability of a backyard swimming pool. Running a pool heater not only makes the swimming pool more enjoyable on cooler nights and chillier days, but it can also reduce muscle soreness and allow for a better range of motion for those using their swimming pool to exercise. When pool heaters stop working as expected, it can leave you unable to leverage the benefits of your pool. If you notice the signs of a broken heater, contact WaveTechs Pools and Spa, a local and experienced pool service in Dallas and Fort Worth, for heater pool repair

Here are some signs you should watch for that will tell you to contact us for pool heater repair. 

Uneven Temperatures Around Your Pool 

Signs That Your Pool Heater Needs Professional RepairWhen you go for a swim around your pool, you may notice that certain areas of your swimming pool are significantly colder than others. This lack of consistency across the entire pool can point to a problem with the heating system. Some issues that can cause irregular temperature distribution include a faulty thermostat, corrosion in heating elements, malfunctions, or blocked water flow. If you need pool heater repair, contact WaveTechs Pool and Spa for high-quality replacements, including inspection and installation. Our team will help you promptly address any irregularities in temperature distribution for more comfortable swims. 

Ineffective Heating of Pool

When your pool heater works correctly, it will take a standard amount of time to heat up. This time frame can vary depending on the pool, based on its size, depth, and other factors. However, when conditions are consistent, it takes more time for your pool water to reach the ideal temperature. There is likely a problem with your pool heaters, such as a worn-out heating element or malfunctioning gas valve. Regular pool service in Dallas & Fort Worth from a reputable repair and service company like WaveTechs Pools and Spa can prevent issues from worsening by identifying them early.

Unusual Noises Coming from Your Heater

If you hear banging, clanking, or whistling sounds, it could signify various issues like loose components, air trapped in the system, or even debris in the heater. Regularly check for strange noises during operation. If detected, it's advisable to promptly call for pool heater repair to prevent further damage and to replace your heater urgently if needed. Noises are best assessed by an experienced pool technician because they can point to several different causes. When you get support from an expert, you can troubleshoot your pool heater and ensure you're getting the best repairs possible. 

Water Leaking Around Your Pool Heater

Leaks can occur due to corrosion, loose connections, or worn-out seals in your heater. Addressing these leaks can prevent more severe problems, such as damage to the heating unit or even flooding in the equipment area. Regular inspections and immediate pool heater repair can help prevent these issues from worsening and extend the lifespan of your heating system.

Constantly Cycling On and Off

If your pool heater turns on and off too frequently, a phenomenon known as constant cycling indicates a potential problem. This typically results from malfunctioning thermostats, improper water flow, or a clogged filter. Regularly monitor your heater's cycling patterns, and if you observe irregularities, it's advisable to seek professional pool services in Dallas and Fort Worth to address the underlying causes and ensure proper heater repair. 

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